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White Label Biotin and Caffeine
Hair Loss Prevention Range

Hair Loss- What can be done?
People care about hair strength and growth, interestingly 46% of men wish that their hair was thicker,
while 26% worry about hair loss when shampooing, and 70% of men are affected by hair loss.
Similarly women also are concerned, 19% complain about thinning hair, 11% complain about
the lack of growth and wish that it could grow faster, while only 40% are affected by hair loss.
So what can we do to counteract this? Well we have here a range of Biotin and Caffeine products that
are designed to prevent and activate hair to improve density and growth conditions.
For further studies and information click here to read this data sheet that shows the statistics and clinical trials that have been conducted.
Please take a look through our products below.

Biotin and Caffeine

Biotin and Caffeine Scalp Serum 10%
30ml £9.89

Easy to apply scalp serum specially formulated to enhance the biotin delivery to where our...

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Biotin Vitamin and Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner
Shampoo: 250ml £7.49 Conditioner: 250ml £7.49

Gorgeous quality shampoo and conditioner designed to work alone, or in harmony with the scalp...

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Biotin Gummies 2000µg MADE IN THE UK
from £7.75ea (50 day supply) VEGAN


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 Gummy a day. According to...

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Biotin BOOST Gummies 10,000µg Per 2 Gummies
from £9.15 each (up to 60 day supply)

£9.15 for up to 2 months supply (if taken at 1 Gummie per day 5000...

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Nourishing Naturals Range

Saw Palmetto and Rosemary Natural 100% Shampoo Vegan & Conditioner Vegan
250ml from £7.49

An unbelievably high quality (Exceptionally high 2% Active ingredients!!), rich luxurious shampoo and conditioner, completely...

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Saw Palmetto and Rosemary Hair Tonic 100% Naturally derived
100ml £5.99

Shake before use. Light tonic utilising the same beautiful active ingredients as all of our...

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Saw Palmetto and Rosemary Hair Oil 100% Natural
30ml £7.99

A pure form of the ingredients utilised in our gorgeous shampoo and conditioner.
Gently massage a...

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