How do I place a sample order?


Click the Register button on the top right and fill in your details. Once done you will get the first email acknowledging your new account submission, read through this email for more info. In the mean time you will get a second email once our admin team have gone through it and approved it (usually takes 24 hours), once you see that then simply call us on 01424 855 779 (select option 1) and one of our friendly sales members will walk you through your first sample order!


What is the minimum order after a sample?


12 Products, this can be 12 lots of one type of product or 12 different products, for example 11 shampoo and 1 conditioner would be fine!


What design or product options require a minimum?


We do not have much that requires a minimum, so you are pretty much free to have as many (or as little) as you want.


Full or 2 colour printing - 12 of each product

Tubes - 25 of each product

Custom blending, fragrance changes, colour changes (please call)

Filling your own packaging (please call)



Can I change the product name?


Of course! You can change the product name every order if you wish.


Can I cancel my order?


Yes, as long as we haven't started working on it. This is because we make everything especially for you, bespoke.


Are there any discounts for large orders?


Yes! If you order from our “off the shelf” lines, orders over £1000 will get 5% off and orders over £2500 will get 10% (Plus VAT and Delivery). Higher discounts are available for higher orders, please talk to us!

(Custom or tweaked formulations (any product that we manipulate to make them only for you) do not qualify for these automatic discounts - please call us to discuss your formula)



Can I change the product scent?


Yes! But please call one of our sales team to discuss this. But there is nothing better than having YOUR product with YOUR choice of Fragrance.