How do I place a sample order?


Click the Register button on the top right and fill in your details. Once done you will get the first email acknowledging your new account submission, read through this email for more info. In the mean time you will get a second email once our admin team have gone through it and approved it (usually takes 24 hours), once you see that then simply call us on 01424 855 779 (select option 1) and one of our friendly sales members will walk you through your first sample order!


What is the minimum order after a sample?


12 Products, this can be 12 lots of one type of product or 12 different products, for example 11 shampoo and 1 conditioner would be fine!


What design or product options require a minimum?


We do not have much that requires a minimum, so you are pretty much free to have as many (or as little) as you want.


Full or 2 colour printing - 12 of each product

Tubes - 25 of each product

Custom blending, fragrance changes, colour changes (please call)

Filling your own packaging (please call)


Can I change the product name?


Of course! You can change the product name every order if you wish.
Following our annual review of Best Practices and Legislation Conformity we would like
to reiterate that we do not condone the use of any existing Trade Mark or Copywrite
without the written permission from the Trade Mark/Copyright owner.

Can I just put any artwork onto my labelling?
Thank you so much for choosing our services.
Options are proud to say that we have an all inclusive policy with regard to creeds, beliefs and backgrounds.
We have a strong ethic that does not allow us to show partiality in any one area.
With this in mind, we are not always able to print all forms of artwork.
This would include any design, Logo or wording that could cause offense.
We are happy to discuss your artwork with a mind to finding a happy compromise.
We apologise if problematic artwork is not spotted at the initial set up stage,
but as sensitivities are globally changing, we happily move with them.

Can I cancel my order?


Yes, as long as we haven't started working on it. This is because we make everything especially for you, bespoke.


Can I change the product scent?


Yes! But please call one of our sales team to discuss this. But there is nothing better than having YOUR product with YOUR choice of Fragrance.

How long will my order take?

Our lead times can vary, depending on artwork, products and finer details, but in general:

New clients with artwork- 3-5 weeks
Repeat Orders- 2-4 weeks.

Can I supply product to the USA or Canada?

Supplying USA and Canada. Cosmetic ingredients and approval standards are not globally universal. All of our products are safe for the UK, European and Worldwide markets with the exclusion of the USA and Canada. Cosmetic products shipped to the USA or Canada require FDA approval and possibly state wide/local registration. This is a complex and costly process that we have elected not to undertake on a “cross the board” basis for all of our products. On an individual basis, we can discuss the implications and costs of American/Canadian product approval – for this, please contact us.
Please do not ship or take any of our products to the USA or Canada without our written consent (This includes samples). Simply telling us that you intend to do this does not constitute consent on our behalf. Failure to follow the stringent guidelines can have very serious legal implications. We cannot knowingly supply any client exporting to the USA or Canada.

“Sulphates” - should you or shouldn’t you?.
Hair Extensions:
The issue with sulphates is a strange one! With regard to extensions, many people say “no sulphates” but when you try to get to the bottom of “why not?” – the water gets very muddy. We researched this extensively, and the 2 best answers that we could find were these:
1. the SLS & SLES RUMOUR (these are the most common sulphates in shampoo) SLS & SLES were rumoured to be harmful to the environment and should not be used. SLS & SLES are the initials of some very complicated chemical names (SLS = sodium laureth sulphate, and SLES = sodium laureth ether sulphate), because of their complexity, most people shortened them to just “sulphate”. This caused the rumour to grow that “sulphate” (“all sulphates”) were bad. (This is not the case.)
2. It also seems that certain companies may have been affected by the above rumour,  both with sales and brand loyalty. Changing a formula as a market reaction and listening to client requirements by perhaps adding or removing chemicals, can successfully re-establish brand loyalty. A change in formulation may add to client belief that the rumours were true.
It is a good idea to ask questions.
If certain sulphates are fine for “real hair”, why are they not fine for “real hair extensions”? Is it the quality of the shampoo, or is it the extension that is the issue? Is it the bond or the hair shaft?
Why are sulphates still formulated into some of the worlds best and cutting edge shampoo technology? 
Although our opinion is not really what matters, surely, what is important to the extension is the health, the lifespan and the overall beauty? This is why we always recommend that you test products for yourself, or, if needed, we can test on your behalf. How do we test? Over a 3 month period, we will wash over 100 times (equivalent of twice per week for a year), complete a submersion and integrity comparisson of colour, hair strength and bond integrity. Please talk to us.
Sulfates and Keratin Treatments:
What the experts say:
Quotation from the above source:
"Sulfate-free shampoo claims are kind of bogus"
"There are really no studies out there that say sulfate-free shampoos help with the preservation of color or keratin treatments," she states. In other words, there is no real scientific evidence that says that a lack of sulfates makes a shampoo more gentle than those that contain them. Furthermore, the good doctor says sulfate-free shampoos have their own host of issues. "Shampoos that contain sodium laurel sulfate work in both hard and soft water; they have good lathering consistency and are considered 'free rinsing,' which means they're easy to get out of your hair. Sulfate-free shampoos aren't free rinsing, which means you may use more product or use more water to get them out of your hair, which can cause excessive dryness over time."
Does it make sense for anyone to use sulfate-free shampoos? "If you have contact dermatitis or an allergy to surfactants, by all means avoid those products," she advises. "But, until we have studies that clearly state there are advantages to the hair and scalp, I don't see that there's a lot of benefit to eliminating this particular ingredient.”
We can help!
We understand that choice is important, so we have products that fill both sides of the required ingredients - With and Without Sulphates.
We will be really happy to help with samples, please give any of us in sales a call, and we can organise it all over the phone.