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The Latest Releases

Apollo and Luna Fragrance Bottles

3, 2, 1- we have lift off our new fragrance bottles, the Luna and Apollo!...

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Lime Mandarin & Basil Fragrance

Featuring notes of mandarin, basil and lime- introducing our new fragrance.

We are sure you would...

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Biotin BOOST Gummies 10,000µg Per 2 Gummies

Introducing our new Biotin Boost Gummies, new and improved recipe with more Biotin to absorb.


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Nourishing Naturals Range

Introducing an unbelievably high quality, vegan, rich luxurious shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and tonic with...

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Paris Jar 50ml

Introducing our larger 50ml Paris Jar- For products with this jar please view our Beauty...

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Dust Spray Bottle

Introducing our new dust matte dispensers, including the new focused root boosting delivery system, available...

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“Thank You” Gift pack 2023

Why not thank your clients with something special. £4.99 including Personalised tag.

For more information- please...

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Black and White Slimline Candles

Now available in either black or white in a sleek and slimline glass. From only...

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Charcoal Candle

New! The charcoal sleek and slimline glass. From only £6.99 Including the slimline black lid!

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Snowflake Candle

A snowflake that produces heat? Introducing the new snowflake candle to warm up your winter...

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Face Cream with Vitamins A, C, & E and Hyaluronic Acid (Brightening) 50ml £17.99

Introducing our new and exciting brightening face cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, C...

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Eye Crème Dark Circles FEC

The latest in our eye product range now has landed, Eye Crème Dark Circles FEC-...

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Spider Vein Reductor

Introducing our new Spider Vein Reductor: A light and easily absorbed moisturising crème.
Clinically proven to...

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Paris Wand Applicator

For primarily our day and night eye wrinkle products, we are introducing these new 'paris...

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250ml Blue Bottle

Adding to our already existing line of blue coloured products- new blue 250ml bottles. Available...

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250ml Mirror Gold Bottle

So shiny you can see your face in it! Introducing the new mirror gold bottle,...

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UV Sun Block Face Sun Cream 50SPF 30ml £5.10

UV Sun Block- with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50, this sunscreen product will...

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Edible Pink Raspberry Sugar Lip Scrub VEGAN

Exfoliating Scrub- for the lips! Try out our new edible pink raspberry sugar lip scrub...

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Brow Fix

Adding to our range of washes and serums for eyebrows,
ALL DAY Brow Fixer
All day hold...

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Self Tanning Gel

Self Tanning Gel- adding to our tanning range is a product with all the same...

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Algapur - The Range

The amazing discovery of Natures hidden miracle. An extract of Chestnut sap (ethically and sustainably...

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UV Sun Block Face Sun Cream 30 spf 30ml £4.80

UV Sun Block- a new product for the skin that helps protect against sunburn. With...

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Eye Wrinkle Filler Day and Eye Wrinkle Filler Night

Introducing our new gorgeous Wrinkle filler Day and Wrinkle filler Night!
With instant effects that can...

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Wellness Range

Introducing our brand new Wellness & Relaxation Range, a range designed to help promote deep relaxation,...

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Algapur Thermal Hair Serum

Adding to our range of Salon products, Algapur – the amazing discovery of Natures hidden miracle....

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Sea Mist Spray (alternative Sea Salt)

Introducing our new sea mist spray, a styling spray for more of that 'just surfed'...

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Day Facial Serum Algapur High Oleic

Adding to our beauty range, introducing a new absorbing serum for daily use, this delivers versatility...

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New Elite Tube Giftboxes

Introducing our new elite tube giftboxes, these now feature a matching lid for easier access...

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