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The Latest Releases


You asked, we listened, and finally it's here! Introducing our new Dropshipping service courtesy of...

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Biotin and Caffeine Hair Loss Prevention Range

Introducing our new range of Biotin and Caffeine serum, shampoo, conditioner, and our new Biotin...

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100ml Clear Jars- with Gold and Silver Lids

Introducing our 100ml clear jars- now with gold and silver lids! With these jars, you...

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Lip Plump Salve 15ml £4.15

Introducing our Lip Plump Salve, a protection salve for post cosmetic plumping. Containing shea butter...

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White and Pink Elite Velvet Bags

Now available for our fragrance and candle ranges, velvet elite bags in pink and white!


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Blue Glass Packaging

Feeling blue for lack of blue? Your favourite glass products- now in blue! Please contact...

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100ml Black Tube

Check out our new 100ml Black Tube.
Please call in for more details! Minimum order quantity...

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Air Mist Diffuser

Introducing the Air Mist Diffuser, now available from £49.00 which includes the bottle, and liquid...

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New Scents for Hand Wash

Introducing to our range of hand washes:


Rose & Rhubarb

Orange & Bergamot

Check out our new selection on...

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New Dust Matte Bottle
10g £4.35

New Dust Matte bottles, featuring a single dispenser for easier application to the hair with...

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Soap Bar – minimum order 25 bars

120 grams

Dimensions 80mm x 55mm x 25mm

You choose the...

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Coloured Aluminium Jars

Introducing our new coloured aluminium jars, optimising our use of coating techniques these are now...

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Duo Hair Styling Products
100ml £5.99

Introducing our new 2 in 1 'Duo' hair style range.
Partnering up for the first time...

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Extensions Shampoo, SULPHATE FREE and NATURAL, VEGAN **
250ml £5.25

Our answer to the need for a completely natural and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner...

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Extensions Shampoo, SLS, SLES, SODIUM CHLORIDE (salt) and PARABEN FREE, VEGAN **
250ml £4.95

A carefully balanced shampoo and matching conditioner designed to treat not only extensions but kerratin...

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Product Photography

Get your products professionally photographed and edited for a Gorgeous, Crisp and Clean picture to...

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30ml Gold Glass Bottle

Check out our brand new gold glass bottle- please call in for more details!

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Foamer Lash Wash 50ml £3.25

Check out our foamer lash wash now available on our beauty page (also available in...

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New Fragrance Scents

Try out our TWO new scents! If you like the amazing Baccarat Rouge or Dior’s...

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Diffuser Range

Now available our new improved diffuser range.
Please call in for more details!

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New Style Fragrance Bottle 50ml £9.25

Check out our new style of fragrance bottles on our fragrance page.

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Insect Repellent Candles £4.99

Need something to keep the flies away? Try out our new Insect Repellent Candle with...

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Hessian Candle Bags

Now available Hessian bags for our candle range.

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250ml Body Butter Jars

Check out our brand new body butter jars in 250ml (also available in black)

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Pink Range

To join our new pink candle, we are now offering our fragrance and diffuser ranges...

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New Hand Washes and Hand Creme's

Brand new 
Bergamot & Mandarin
Jasmine Blossom

Lime Basil & Mandarin

Magnolia Grandiflora

Rhubarb & Rose

Check out our new selection...

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100ml White Tube

Check out our new 100ml White Tube.
Please call in for more details! Minimum order quantity...

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Pink Candle Glass

New Pink glass candles - see Candles page for more information

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50ml Foamer Bottles - White, Black or Clear

New size foamer bottles - see packaging page for all 3 bottles

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200ml Amber Bottle

Check out our new 200ml Amber Bottle.
Please call in for more details!

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Micellar Water with Argan 100ml £1.65, 250ml £3.45

click the link for more info
Click Here

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Hair and Beauty Supplies - Buy and Sell on our Site!


To Sell

List your adverts here to be seen by THOUSANDS...

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Reed Diffusers - Jasmine and Linen Fresh

Brand new Reed Diffusers
Jasmine and Linen Fresh
check out our reed diffuser collection
Reed Diffusers

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Email Set Up

we can set up a custom email address for you like
for more info visit...

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Logo Creation

We now offer logo creation. So if you want us to fully design a professional...

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Beard Oils - Revamped

Our Beard Oils have been improved by having a much stronger scent put into each,...

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Website Building

We now offer website building!


Building websites can be a long and complicated process which is...

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100ml Clear Jar

Check out our brand new clear jar in 100ml

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Hand Wash - Natural

Check out our newest Hand Wash Product - NATURAL
for more info go to our salon...

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Argan Cuticle Treatment 30ml £4.75

Argan cuticle oil will moisturise, protect and nourish the nails. Massage a few drops to...

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Pure Aloe Vera Gel - £3.95

Moisturizing, soothing and nourishing to the skin.
Improves complexion and skin tone.
Exceptional rejuvenating properties.
Antibacterial & Antifungal.


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Xtreme Fringe Control and Root Boost
15ml £4.49

Long hair Xtreme stylers!
Longer hair needs more support! Has your longer fringe begun to doze,...

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Xtreme Layer Body Boost
30ml £6.15

Long hair Xtreme stylers!
Longer hair needs more support! Has your longer fringe begun to doze,...

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Natural Gel Perfume - VEGAN**

Our first 100% natural Gel Perfume!
NO ALCOHOL – non flammable and amazingly good for the...

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Meal Replacement Protein - Vegan, Gluten + Dairy Free - CHOCOLATE

£9.99 - 500g
White Label (Your own brand)

A gorgeous chocolate and caramel infusion with low calories...

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Argan Gold Collection

Check out our Argan Gold collection on the salon page! They feel and look fatastic!

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New Candle Lids

We Offer Chrome, Black and Gold Lids

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