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Packaging is your presentation. It is what your client first sees. It is your clients first impression.
First impressions count. Make an impact.
All of our packaging is the highest quality. It is even recyclable.

And of course all of our White Label products are fully branded for you.........

Environment first! Virtually all of our packaging is Recyclable, and Ethically/Locally sourced! Some are even reclaimed sea plastics!
All plastic packaging listed below will have their relevant safe plastic numbers listed alongside each product.


250ml Flexible Tube Black** (MOQ of 25) 3

250ml Flexible Tube White** (MOQ of 25) 3

250ml Oslo Gloss White 1

250ml Oslo Gloss Black 1

250ml Purple (and 500ml) 1

250ml Charcoal 1

250ml Black (and 500ml) 1

250ml Pink 1

250ml Clear (and 500ml) 1

250ml Gold *

250ml Aluminium (and 500ml) *

250ml Amber 1

250ml White (and 500ml) 1


200ml Amber Bottle 1


300ml Clear Bottle Amber Liquid 1

300ml Clear Bottle Blue Liquid 1

300ml Clear Bottle White Liquid 1

300ml Clear Bottle Gold Liquid 1


100ml Clear Bottle 1

100ml White Bottle 1

100ml Black Bottle 1

100ml Aluminium *

100ml White Tube** (MOQ of 25) 3

100ml Black Tube** (MOQ of 25) 3

100ml Gift Box - White

100ml Gift Box - Black

Closures (Pumps and Caps)

Chrome Pump (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Gold Pump (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Black Pump (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

White Pump (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - White (100ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - White/Chrome (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - White/Gold (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - Black (100ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - Black/Chrome (100ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Disc Top Cap - Black/Gold (250ml, 300ml, 500ml)

Chrome Spray (100ml, 250ml)

Gold Spray (250ml)

Gold Spray (100ml)

Black Spray (100ml, 250ml)

White Spray (100ml, 250ml)

Trigger Spray Black (250ml)

Trigger Spray White (250ml)


Black Airless 30ml

Chrome and Amber 30ml

Gold and Amber 30ml- Out of Stock

Antique Gold and Amber 30ml

Chrome and Black 30ml

Gold and Black 30ml- Out of Stock

Gold and Clear 15ml 100ml 30ml- (30ml Out of Stock)

Chrome and Clear 15ml 30ml 100ml


30ml Black Bottles 1

30ml Clear Bottles 1

30ml Aluminium Bottles *

30ml White Glass Bottle

30ml Gold Glass Bottle

Gift Boxes 30mls


Black 15ml 50ml 100ml 5

White 100ml 5

Aluminium 15ml 100ml *

Black Aluminium 100ml** (MOQ of 10)

Pink Aluminium 100ml** (MOQ of 10)

Gold Aluminium 100ml** (MOQ of 10)

White Aluminium 100ml** (MOQ of 10)

Amber Jar (Black, Gold, or Silver Lid) 100ml 1

Charcoal 5

Pink 5

Clear 100ml 1

Clear 100ml with Gold Lid 1

Clear 100ml with Silver Lid 1

250ml White 5

250ml Black 5

500ml White Jar 5

500ml Black Jar 1

Foamer Bottles

Foamer Bottle - White 1

Foamer Bottle - Black 1

50ml Foamer Bottle - White 1

50ml Foamer Bottle - Black 1

50ml Foamer Bottle - Clear 1


Elite Black Glass and Chrome Pipette

Elite Chrome Pipette

Black Glass Pipette 30ml

Amber Glass Pipette 30ml



Dust Dispensers

Dust Dispenser - White 1

Dust Dispenser - Black 1

Amber Glass Dispenser

Black Glass Dispenser

5 Litre

5 Litre Jerrycan (pump sold separately) 2

5 Litre Sleeve White

5 Litre Sleeve Black

Placing an Order
Please give us a call on
01424 855 779
Where you can either place an Order
Or just ask us a question

Our products are made to-order so that you can proudly tell your customers what they are purchasing is made in small batches and assured to thrive throughout its shelf life. Because of this, once payment has been received for an order, any changes to the product choice must be made within 12 hours but this will incur a £15 admin fee for every 10 lines of product on an order. Please note, we cannot change or put your products back into stock once we have started to make them, as they are bespoke and made solely for you.

* Due to the delicate nature of these bottles,  it is sometimes possible for them to arrive with small marks or dents. Please bear this in mind when choosing any aluminium or gold metal bottle, as we do not offer replacements for any damaged incurred by a courier.

**100ml, 250ml Tubes and 100ml Coloured Aluminium jars- These are subject to a minimum order quantity of 25 of each product.