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Waxes and Styling

Black Shampoo VEGAN ** 100ml £4.25, 250ml £7.99

Black Rock Shampoo is designed to help correct the signs of premature hair ageing by...

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Black Rock Styling Clay 50ml £6.99

Black Rock is designed to correct the signs of premature hair ageing by accurately darkening...

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Fibre 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A Fibre-like styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Strong and...

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10g Spray Bottle £4.35, 10g Top Up Shot £2.50

A root boosting roughing powder - for that roughed up look absolutely invisible! Washes out...

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Flex 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A wax based styling product, enhancing hair colour and giving a soft and flexible hold....

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Gel VEGAN** 100ml £2.99, 15ml £1.25, 250ml £4.20, 500ml £7.60

An excellent version of a timeless classic. Orange fragrance. Strong hold. Fast drying. Apply to...

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Master Clay 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

For amazing pliable STRONG hold and control, shape and re-shaping clay for definition and texture....

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Matte Clay VEGAN** 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Flexible medium hold....

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Matte Rock 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A paste-like styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Strong and...

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Pomade 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

Medium hold with high shine.
Excellent for curly and straight hair, providing a modern twist to...

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Puk (Gum) 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

Use a small amount, create flexible rough look styles with versatility and good hold. Apply...

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Spiker 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

An extreme hold styling crème that will enable the user almost absolute freedom to create!...

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Fixing Spray VEGAN** 250ml £3.75, 75ml £1.99, 30ml £1.29

AKA freeze spray or a gel spray! Spray 6 inches from dry hair to fix...

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Sea Salt Spray VEGAN** 250ml £8.50, 75ml £3.95, 30ml £1.99

Spray - for that surfer look absolutely invisible! Washes out easily. No fragrance.

Aqua, Denatured Alcohol,VP/VA...

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Bay Rum VEGAN** 30ml £1.29, 75ml £1.99, 250ml £4.15

A blend of warm, spiced bay leaves, clove and sweet orange oil.

By blending essential oils...

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Turkish Lemon VEGAN** 30ml £1.29, 75ml £1.99, 250ml £4.15

Aromatic hair and scalp tonic is a blend of lemon, lemon grass and other oils...

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Custom Tonics

CustomTonics available - please ask!

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Shaving Creme VEGAN** 30ml £2.85, 100ml £3.95

Lather is everything when shaving with a straight razor. The cardinal rule is to never...

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Shaving Gel VEGAN** 30ml £2.85, 100ml £3.95

Low foam gels allow for precision shaving so you can see exactly what you are...

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Shaving Balm VEGAN** 30ml £2.85, 100ml £3.95

No shave is complete without the application of a moisturising balm to soothe skin, reduce...

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Shaving Oil VEGAN** 30ml £3.95, 100ml £8.95

Three in one shave oil, can be used on its own or under shaving cream...

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Beard Oils VEGAN** 30ml from £3.95

Peppermint with lemon and cinnamon.
Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond oil), Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Citrus...

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Beard Butter 50ml £3.85

Beard butter is one of the best products out there for keeping your beard nourished...

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Beard Cream VEGAN** 50ml £3.85

Softer than Beard butter, Beard Cream is one of the easiest products to apply, which...

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Beard Shampoo VEGAN** 100ml £2.99, 250ml £4.09

SLS free or SLES free beard shampoos, are one of the hottest developments in male...

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Moustache Wax 15ml £2.89

Firm enough forTea drinkers!Warm with a hair dryer, scrape a small amount with fingernail, work...

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Tattoo Salve VEGAN** 50ml £2.75

After Tattoo Protection. Warm and soften the salve between the fingers, then gently apply a...

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Tattoo Balm VEGAN** 15ml £2.57, 30ml £2.85, 100ml £3.95

Completely natural balm to soothe, moisturise and feed the skin. Reduces redness. Easily absorbed. Fragrance...

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Skin Care

Cleanser VEGAN** 30ml £2.95, 100ml £4.95, 250ml £8.95

Soft and luxurious skin cleanser for vibrant, healthy skin made with English Lavender, English Chamomile...

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Toner VEGAN** 30ml £2.95, 100ml £4.95, 250ml £8.95

Naturally perfumed with the scent of organic Lavender. Application Directions:Apply to a cotton pad, then...

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Anti Ageing Collagen facial moisturiser (perfect for post shave) 30ml £5.45, 100ml £12.75

Pure Neroli is rich in naturalVitamin C to encourage your skin to produce natural Collagen...

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Anti Ageing Collagen eye gel 15ml £4.95

Collagen, Pure AloeVera Gel and extract of Cucumber with natural brightening agents to brighten your...

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Balancing Scrub VEGAN** 100ml £4.50

A Balancing Facial Scrub. Normal to Combination skin with Ground Almonds and Olive Kernels to...

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