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White Label Mens Grooming Products

Why not try Putting Your Own Brand on Mens Hair Products to get a Bespoke and Personalised look and feel.

Have you got a Barbers or a Unisex Salon? 
Choose from a wide selection of hair and body products for men.
Put your branding on the products or choose private label products and have them personalised and custom made to suit your clients needs,
Whether your clients want products for short to long hair or straight to curly hair.

Order as few as 12 pieces
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How do I place a sample order?


Click the Register button on the top right and fill in your details. Once done you will get the first email acknowledging your new account submission, read through this email for more info. In the mean time you will get a second email once our admin team have gone through it and approved it (usually takes 24 hours), once you see that then simply call us on 01424 855 779 (select option 1) and one of our friendly sales members will walk you through your first sample order!
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Waxes and Styling

Duo Hair Styling Products 100ml £5.99

Introducing our new 2 in 1 'Duo' hair style range.
Partnering up for the first time...

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100ml Hair Styling Tube

Our classic hair styling range- now available in 100ml squeezable tubes!
Whatever your styling product, the...

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Fibre 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A Fibre-like styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Strong and...

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Dust Matte VEGAN** Glass Bottle 10g £4.35

Featuring a single dispenser for easier application to the hair with still the same root boosting...

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Dust Matte VEGAN** NEW Spray Nozzle Bottle 10g £4.35

Including the new focused root boosting delivery system with an angled nozzle to aim the dust...

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Gel VEGAN** 100ml £2.99, 15ml £1.25, 250ml £4.20, 500ml £7.60

An excellent version of a timeless classic. Orange fragrance. Strong hold. Fast drying. Apply to...

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Master Clay 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

For amazing pliable STRONG hold and control, shape and re-shaping clay for definition and texture....

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Matte Clay **VEGAN NEW FORMULA 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Flexible medium hold....

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Matte Rock 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

A paste-like styling crème that will hold, thicken and increase fullness to hair. Strong and...

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Pommade (Pomade) VEGAN** 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

Medium hold with high shine.
Excellent for curly and straight hair, providing a modern twist to...

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Puk (Gum) 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

Use a small amount, create flexible rough look styles with versatility and good hold. Apply...

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Spiker 100ml £4.49, 15ml £1.25

An extreme hold styling crème that will enable the user almost absolute freedom to create!...

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Traditional Wax 100ml £4.49

Use a small amount, create flexible styles with versatility and good hold.  Apply to dry...

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Fixing Spray VEGAN** 250ml £3.75, 100ml £1.99 30ml £1.29

AKA freeze spray or a gel spray! Spray 6 inches from dry hair to fix...

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Sea Salt Spray VEGAN** 250ml £8.50, 100ml £4.25, 30ml £1.99

Spray - for that surfer look absolutely invisible! Washes out easily. No fragrance.

Aqua, Denatured Alcohol,VP/VA...

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Sea Mist Spray (alternative Sea Salt) 250ml £4.39

Sea Mist Spray - a styling spray for more of that 'just surfed' look for...

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Bay Rum VEGAN** 30ml £1.29, 100ml £2.25 250ml £4.15

A blend of warm, spiced bay leaves, clove and sweet orange oil.

By blending essential oils...

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Turkish Lemon VEGAN** 30ml £1.29, 100ml £2.25 250ml £4.15

Aromatic hair and scalp tonic is a blend of lemon, lemon grass and other oils...

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Modern Man VEGAN** 30ml £1.29, 100ml £2.25 250ml £4.15

Vegan friendly scented tonic to maintain and care for scalp and hair.

SD Alcohol 40B, Aqua,...

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Custom Tonics

CustomTonics available - please ask!

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Shaving Creme VEGAN** 30ml from £3.29, 100ml from £4.25 250ml from £8.25

Lather is everything when shaving with a straight razor. The cardinal rule is to never...

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Shaving Balm VEGAN** 30ml from £3.15, 100ml from £5.49 250ml from £4.50

No shave is complete without the application of a moisturising balm to soothe skin, reduce...

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Shaving Oil VEGAN** 30ml £3.95, 100ml £8.95

Three in one shave oil, can be used on its own or under shaving cream...

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Beard Oils VEGAN** 30ml from £4.35

Peppermint with lemon and cinnamon.
Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond oil), Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Citrus...

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Beard Butter 50ml £3.85

Beard butter is one of the best products out there for keeping your beard nourished...

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Beard Cream VEGAN** 50ml £3.85

Softer than Beard butter, Beard Cream is one of the easiest products to apply, which...

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Beard Shampoo VEGAN** 100ml £2.99, 250ml £4.09

SLS free or SLES free beard shampoos, are one of the hottest developments in male...

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Moustache Wax 15ml £2.89

Firm enough for Tea drinkers! Warm with a hair dryer, scrape a small amount with...

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Biotin and Caffeine

Biotin and Caffeine Scalp Serum 10%
30ml £9.89

Easy to apply scalp serum specially formulated to enhance the biotin delivery to where our...

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Biotin Vitamin and Caffeine Shampoo
Shampoo: 250ml £7.49 Conditioner: 250ml £7.49

Gorgeous quality shampoo and conditioner designed to work alone, or in harmony with the scalp...

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Biotin Gummies 2000µg MADE IN THE UK
from £7.75ea (50 day supply) VEGAN


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 Gummy a day. According to...

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Tattoo Salve VEGAN** 50ml £2.75

After Tattoo Protection. Warm and soften the salve between the fingers, then gently apply a...

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Tattoo Balm VEGAN** 15ml £2.99, 30ml £3.29, 100ml £3.95

Completely natural balm to soothe, moisturise and feed the skin. Reduces redness. Easily absorbed. Fragrance...

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Skin Care

Cleanser VEGAN** 30ml £2.95, 100ml £4.95, 250ml £8.95

Soft and luxurious skin cleanser for vibrant, healthy skin made with English Lavender, English Chamomile...

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Toner VEGAN** 30ml £2.95, 100ml £4.95, 250ml £8.95

Naturally perfumed with the scent of organic Lavender. Application Directions: Apply to a cotton pad,...

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Anti Ageing Collagen facial moisturiser (perfect for post shave) 30ml £5.45, 100ml £12.75

Pure Neroli is rich in natural Vitamin C to encourage your skin to produce natural...

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Anti Ageing Collagen eye gel 15ml £4.95

Collagen, Pure Aloe Vera Gel and extract of Cucumber with natural brightening agents to brighten...

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Balancing Scrub VEGAN** 100ml £4.75

A Balancing Facial Scrub. Normal to Combination skin with Ground Almonds and Olive Kernels to...

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