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Have Your Own Branded White Label Candle Products

Looking to start your Own Line of Candles?
Starting a new Business or Line of Candles can be Complicated
But here at Options Ltd our Expert Artisan Candle Makers
Will help you Create and Brand your own Private Label Candle Products
Or get you started with our range of Customised White or Private Label Candle Products
We also offer the full range of Aromatherapy Products Likes Diffusers and Room Sprays
All White Label and Private Label Products

Order as few as 12 pieces
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Candle Packaging - Black

Black Glass Candles - Made with paraffin wax and gorgeous fragrance £5.74.
Black Velvet Bag with...

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Candle Packaging - White

White Glass Candles - Made with paraffin wax and gorgeous fragrance £5.74.
Black Velvet Bag with...

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Natural Candles - Hessian Bag - Cardboard Tube

Natural Candles - made from soya wax with a gorgeous wooden wick £6.49.
Hessian Bag with...

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Coloured Candle Glass

Glossed on the inside of the glass - this stunning effect only adds an additional...

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Clear Glass Packaging

Choose your print colours on our clear glass packaging whiskey tumbler. Only £4.99 (including the...

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Gift Boxes (Tubes)

Gift boxes/ tubes available in three colours, natural, white and black, £1.25 including printing.

Choose between...

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Candle Lids and Bag Tags

Candle Lids available in black, chrome, and gold £1.25

Bag Tags available in black, gold, white,...

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Massage Candles VEGAN** 145ml £8.95

100% Natural.

Soya Massage Candle (organic)
Simply light the candle, allow a wax pool to form, blow...

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Insect Repellent Candles £4.99

Need something to keep the flies away? Try out our new Insect Repellent Candle with...

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How do I place a sample order?


To get started on your new White Label /...

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REED DIFFUSERS - Lasts up to 4 weeks!! (Do not forget to rotate the reeds!)

Reed Diffuser Bottle and Sticks (Reeds)

All Diffusers are available from £4.99 including the gift box and your choice of reed...

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Pink Diffuser

Diffusers are £5.74 including the gift box and your choice of reed colours - Black,...

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Reed Diffuser Box

Included in the cost of your Diffuser (we do not charge extra for the box)

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Available in Black, White and Natural. (Reeds are included in the cost of the Diffuser...

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Car Diffusers

Car Diffuser - £3.25

Remove all packaging from the Car Diffuser, unscrew the lid and remove the plastic stopper.


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