Private Label Fragrances


Making your own custom perfume is a very exciting step. We have a made a few ourselves and it is an incredibly enjoyable experience. From the planning stages to actually holding your OWN perfume there's nothing more exhilarating then explaining to someone its our very own fragrance, when they have asked us "What Perfume is That?!"
So what's stopping you from having your own gorgeous fragrance? Nothing...
But what's involved in making a brand new bespoke Fragrance / Perfume?
Well there are a few thing to consider:
How much does it cost?
This will depend on what your after. We offer White Label Perfumes, which means you can take one we have made and brand if for you or your company. And there is Private Label Perfumes, which we make you a completely brand new fragrance.
White Labelling is the less expensive and a lot faster, pricing starts at £6.95 and we have a choice of around 50 fragrances - the hard part is choosing just one!
Private Labelling, as mentioned, is truly bespoke and unique so pricing will depend on what you want the fragrance to smell like, how strong etc. So if you are interested in this please call us!
Choosing the perfect packaging
We have different bottles and colours to choose from, which makes the process a lot faster but we also can work with custom bottles as well, if you have your own custom bottle we will need a sample to see how it will work with our machinery. We also offer different packaging to carefully present your new fragrance to your clients. To see our range of bottles, colours and packaging please look at the perfume page
Choosing the Print Options
So we have now decided on what the fragrance will be, and what it will be bottled in, plus packaging, but how do you want your logo to look on the bottle?
Foils - We offer many different colours of foil, which look fantastic especially the metallic ones!
Full Colour Printing - any colour you want, very bright and vibrant.
Engraving - But what about something more exclusive? We can do Laser Engraving which just looks spectacular. (See Header Picture).
See our Printing Page for examples of different styles
Lead Times
So now we have discussed everything about your new fragrance, how long will it take?
White Labelling (using one of our own fragrances and rebranding it) -     3-5 weeks
Private Labelling (creating a brand new fragrance from scratch) -              1-3 months
Repeat Orders (2nd or any subsequent orders) -                                            Around 3 weeks
Lets Begin!
So if you are interested in starting your very own perfume line, please give us a call to discuss your vision and goals. We would love to help you, and let us know when you get asked the question... What fragrance is that?!
Options Team