White Label Products

Why should you buy white label products?
Starting a business is hard work. Ask anyone who has ever tried. Particularly in retail of cosmetics and shampoos.

Between branding and advertising and the legal or insurance side of things, it can be a real headache.
White label salon products however take away half of the aggravation, and what your left with is the fun and interesting parts of starting a business – creating the look!

In reality, to kick start a business selling your own line of products (white label products), all you need is an eye catching brand and an ability to sell a bottle.
At least, this is the case if you are trying to sell your own line of personalised, branded products (which is what White Label means).
What is White Label?
“White label” products are fully finished items that require only one thing: a snazzy, personalised brand.

The name sounds confusing to a lot of people, because it sounds like you literally have a white label put on your products.
This isn’t always the case, but the idea is the same.
You can take your branding with a design of any colour, pop it in a bottle and voila… You have your very own, personalised, branded products.

That is white labelling.


What is a white label version?
White label versions are like big brand salon products that already exist out in the world but don’t have the provenance of the name attached yet.
Many big cosmetics and beauty products all work to the same formulae and specifications so often you are buying a name more than a product.

This is why White Labelled products are so effective.

You can get the same high quality products and have them associated with your name, your brand and your vision.
What products can you white label?
In theory, there isn’t a product that you can’t white label.
As some examples of white label products, you can personalize:

Room diffusers
Shampoos and conditioners
Styling products

And a whole host of other products, just check out our website!
Where can i find white label products
There are loads of people out there who will offer a white labelling service, but for quality,
variety and value, you can’t do better than Options Ltd, atleast we think so anyway :)

Is white labelling legal?
Absolutely. It has been done for years by some of the biggest brands in the business and we know this because we have been doing it for years for them.
Should i white label my product
In a word, yes.
In two words, heck yes!
If you are looking to create a brand with a simple, effective and high quality product, there really is no reason not to.

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