White Label Candles

If you are anything like me, you are slightly obsessed with things that smell good. If you’re not like me, then you probably still like things that smell good. 

This is what I’m going to write about today and, if you want to, you are going to read about it! 

Today’s topic is Personalised Candles. Bear with me, it sounds like something you do in your kitchen with a hot pan and some wax... You’re half right. 

What I am talking about is high quality, elegant, branded glass candles with scents ranging from the cosy and comforting to the fresh and fragrant. 


Can you make a living selling candles? 
If you have the knowledge of how to sell a candle, absolutely you can. At worst, you can certainly contribute a great deal towards a living. 
The beauty of personalised scented candles is that you are selling a part of you. If you have confidence in your ability to sell your own brand, then selling your own branded candles should be a cinch. 
Also selling a candle with a customised scent too should be even easier.

There are a lot of scented candles out there but do you ever feel like they are just ‘nice’ instead of EXTREMELY nice? Me too!


Where is the best place to buy candles? 
Honestly there are more than a couple of places you could buy candles. Most shops sell them in some form.
if you want to personalise your own branded, scented candles (which I am sure you do) then Options Ltd. are really the ones for you.


How do I personalise candles? 

Well, I’m glad you asked. Nothing could be simpler. Customising your own candles is as simple as signing up to Options Ltd. client base, asking them to pop your logo on a candle to
test (maybe a few candles to check which fragrances are right for you)
 and then waiting until the candles arrive.
Then all that’s left to do is convincing your friends and your target audience that they need your scented candles and you’re away!


How do you price candles? 

I mean, in my mind, this is the easiest bit. Think of some of the most well known retailers of scented candles. Now think about the price tags. It’s a lot, right? How many times have you bought them anyway? 

This is really the best part of selling your own, customised scented candles. People (like me) love scented candles. And they usually aren’t scared of paying a little more for them because they make excellent gifts for yourself and for the people you know who’s houses smell... 

But in all seriousness, they really are an excellent product and are customisable in pretty much every way. 

You can take them as they are, choose different colours for the glass AND the branding. If the mood takes you, you can even customise the scent of the candle. The possibilities are almost endless. 

My advice? Take a chance. You may not become the biggest supplier in the world for scented candles, but you can try to be a close second.


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