Do you have a beard? If no, then maybe this blog isn’t for you. It might be for your partner, though. Or maybe it could be for your bearded clientele,
so keep reading, whatever the case!

Does your (or your partner’s) beard feel dry? Lifeless? Bit like straw but more scratchy? It’s a common issue and it affects most men at some point.
Whether it be a lockdown beard or a more long-term commitment, the chances are you will want it to look and feel fresh, hydrated and fuller.

Today’s blog will be covering the best beard products for infuriating face fur. I’m talking about your own line of white labelled beard oils.
When you are going into buying and selling beard care products, white labelled beard oils are ideal.
With customised beard oils, you get high end, top quality beard care and grooming products with minimal hassle.
You can do it to expand your existing range of beard growth products or even start developing your own personalised beard grooming kits.
White labelled beard oils are really a winner. So the question is, why haven’t you started selling them yet? I hope to answer some of the questions you may have below.

What is the best smelling beard oil?
First things first. There is no point using a beard oil if you don’t like the smell. It is arguably as important as the functionality.
This is going to divide opinions amongst anyone using or smelling beard oils but I’m going to do my best to help.
When you are looking at customised beard oils, you are going to want two things. Firstly, a fragrance that is pleasant and not overpowering, but still strong enough to be noticeable. Secondly, your partner to agree.

If you like citrus smells, you can’t go wrong with bergamot and mandarin. Bergamot itself is a orangey smelling flower and it has a light but evocative scent that just feels like freshness.
If you want something a bit more fresh (and I mean really fresh) go for peppermint and lemon. Again, we have a citrus theme here with the lemon, but it balances and compliments the peppermint superbly.
If, however, you are looking for a more classically ‘manly’ sort of smell, you really can’t want more than tobacco and oud.

Stay with me, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why would I want to smell like a smoker?’ well that is a good question but unless you intend on smoking your white labelled beard oils, you won’t smell like a smoker.
Tobacco in and of itself is actually a fairly rich and fragrant smell and works with oud in a way that makes you feel almost like Persian royalty.
My other suggestion which is very much a ‘love or hate’ situation is Bay Rum. It is my personal favourite and if I could spread it on toast... I’d probably not do that because I can’t imagine it tasting nice... But it smells amazing.
It combines sweetness and spiciness in perfect measure and says ‘I’m a man but I still care about myself.’

Failing all of these, there are many more beard oils available to customise. But they can even be customised with your own scents,
not just ours. If the mood takes you, you can even have a completely personalised beard oil made with notes similar to your favourite perfume, aftershave, what-have-you.

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Is beard oil good for your beard?
The short answer is yes. The beard isn’t like your normal hair and doesn’t work in the same way. You have to feed and nurture it.
With the right beard oils, your beard can go from a scraggly mess to a noble feature that in part defines you.

Why should I use beard oil?
Okay so technical side of things. Beard oil is a conditioning oil that is meant to work like how you condition your hair.
It hydrates, strengthens and softens your fuzz as well as helps to keep it manageable and nicely tamed.
Using a beard oil in conjunction with any beard grooming kit and other beard care products will be sure to help keep your unruly chin rug in top form and can even help promote beard growth.
The other side of things is pretty much as I mentioned before. It helps keep your beard smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

Should I oil my beard everyday?
This is more down to personal skin and beard requirements but the best beard care products all recommend use daily. I myself go for twice daily with beard oil
(a liberal oiling once after I shower before bed to help moisturise and condition through the night and once much lighter in the morning to help maintain shape and softness).
With custom, white Labelled beard oils, you can really formulate or suggest use however you need to.
Let’s not forget that you are here to brand these beard oils with your own name and logo so I encourage you to find out what works best for you and your
clients and there really is no better advice you can give than from personal, professional experience.
To wrap up, I highly recommend using beard oils. As a bearded man, I cannot tell you the difference it makes.

For a client base (or for yourself or your partner) who care about their beards and facial hair, a beard oil added to your own
customised beard growth kit or pack of grooming essentials really does make an ideal purchase.
Why not try a couple, maybe get some of our other beard products to compliment them.

Who knows? You may even make some money.

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