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With 2018 over and 2019 just starting we are always looking to bring you the best service in the Own Brand Industry and what better way to do so is to keep you posted of new products, exciting new changes, messages, delivery times etc which will be listed in this Newsletter and the proceeding newsletters so please keep posted!
But as for the month of January this is everything exciting that’s happening here at Options
New Products
Diffusers (£4.99):
New York Diffuser
Leather Diffuser

3 New Fragrances (£6.95):
Oud Rose
Oud Vanilla
Tobacco and Vanilla

Salon Gowns:
Printed (£11.50) and Non Printed (£7.50)
Product Development
We love working with you so If you have any products you want to see this year please email our product development team at
This can include any ideas you may have aswell!
Estimated Delivery Times
5 Working Days
(this is only an estimate, and any artwork changes might require more time - please get in contact with us for your order's estimated delivery time)
Express Orders are Back
If you need your order within 72 hours and your order total is less than £300 then ask your sales member for express delivery
(subject to charge depending on order size, and subject to total number of express orders at any given time)